Property < €50.000
€ 50.000 - € 100.000
Property > € 100.000


Stylish renovated farmhouse with beautiful garden and views

Price € 168.000,-

Ref. 38

Charmes st Valbert, Franche-Comte, France


Renovated village house garden and view

Price € 105.000,-

Ref. F1736

Combeaufontaine, Franche-Comte, France


Charming village house with spectacular views

Price € 112.000,-

Ref. F1734

Fayl-Billot, Champagne-Ardenne, France


Maison de Caractère with romantic garden and lots of authenticity

Price € 118.000,-

Ref. F1716

Chauvirey le Chatel, Franche-Comte, France


Detached house with large garden and beautiful view

Price € 135.000,-

Ref. F1724

Fayl-Billot, Champagne-Ardenne, France


Characteristic village farm with beautiful garden and view

Price € 145.000,-

Ref. F1699

Maizieres sur Amance, Champagne-Ardenne, France


Pretty village house with beautiful garden


Ref. F1704

Fleurey les Lavoncourt, Franche-Comte, France